Making Plans

Okay, so yesterday marked then end of a week of trying to give up all sugar and processed foods. It went really well, not perfectly, but well. I noticed the slip ups I had were due to either emotional eating or lack of convenience. Sugar was easier of the two to give up, honestly. There are some really great alternatives for feeding your sweet tooth. I love the Naked Drinks along with Izzy drinks. Both have no added sweetener, but you still feel like you are treating yourself. It was only when I was facing a disappointment did turning down sweets become really hard. That indicates to me that I have believed a lie. Food doesn’t fix things. Sweet food doesn’t make life sweeter. So I am working on that. Giving up processed food was much harder because it is everywhere. You have to have a plan to avoid it because it won’t just happen. So taking what I have learned, here are 3 things I am going to apply this week.

  1. Food Journal.
    This week I am going to write everything I eat. Having to write down what you are eating really makes you think, especially if you display that list somewhere. Writing 12 mini cupcakes is embarrasing.
  2. Packed Lunches.
    Twice this past week I made the mistake of thinking I would have time to buy a healthy lunch on my lunch break. LOL. NO. Pack lunches, and pack them the night before otherwise you will run late and have to buy your lunch. This week I will be planning ahead of time.
  3. Have a Substitue Indulgence.
    What are you going to do when you have had a horrible day and you feel the need to “treat yourself”? Eating food that is tearing down your health is not a treat. Are you going to allow yourself to take an extra long shower, have some alone time, spend extra time in the Word, work out, take a nap…..the list goes on. There are plenty of healthy ways to give yourself a break. Tell me what fun ways you find to indulge!

There you have it! Let’s kick butt this week.


lots of love,


Candace Cathrine



  1. Food journals work very well. Sometimes it is even easier to cook several meals over the weekend and refrigerate them for the next week. Grab and go. Getting rest will also help you a ton in the energy department. Rest with everything else you are doing will work amazingly. Keep up the good work ^_^


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