What is Your Personal Style

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Did you go Black Friday shopping? I personally prefer Cyber Monday. Anyways, I wanted to talk about finding your personal style! There are a lot of articles out there on this but I have not been satisfied with any of their answers. To me, they seem to say find a “look” you like and run with it. I think fashion is much more than sticking yourself into a shabby-chic or grunge or whatever box. You yourself are much more complicated than a label and I think we should you the art of style to express that. To help do that, I think there are 3 things you should consider when grooming your wardrobe and yourself.

  1. What type of life do you live? I may love the way ballgowns look, but I am not in a position where I can wear those on the daily. Pinterest is nice, but it can be tempting to look at some of the clothing and think, “I should dress like that.” So you run out and get yourself that breezy strappy maxi dress, but it sits in your closet because you have no where to wear it. I know that I have to dress pretty casually for work and that I also want pieces that can be dressed up for nicer occassions or dressed down for work. BTW shift dresses are amazing for that. Stilleto heels may look nice in pictures and play a major part in your dream closet, but will they be able to play a part in reality?
  2. What looks good on you? I can not tell you how many mustard yellow, orange, or green items I have bought, worn once, and then gotten rid of. Style Inspiration Instagram accounts can be awesome, but keep in mind just because they look radiant in those muted seventies shades does not mean you will. Wear what you want and feel stunning in, not what somebody else looks confident in. For instance, I feel horribly silly whenever I wear super trendy items, while other people look effortless in super hipster outfits. Do I like the way the outfits look in theory? Yep! Do I feel like myself in them? Nope. I could keep trying to wear the outfits that fill Tumblr, or I can acknowledge that something being “in” does not make it right for me.
  3. Do not buy the lie that you need to mix it up. You don’t. Everything you own can have polka dots on it. If that is what makes you feel stunning and you, then it is okay to keep buying different versions of the same thing. You will wear them a lot more then the “out of the box” item you got that you do not feel comfortable in. If your whole wardrobe is grey, that’s cool. If you are a spontaneous crazy person who loves mixing up your look that is cool too. Your wardrobe does not have to fit into certain rules. DISCLAIMER: I am not saying trying new things is bad. Because that is awesome too.I am saying it is good to know certain fits, styles, and colors that are always winners for you.

I hope this helps you all!

lots of love,


Candace Cathrine


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