CHANGE YOUR HAIR GAME IN ONE DAY (get rid of frizz, forealz)

Hey guys!!!

Today’s post is pretty short, but I just had to share this amzingness with freaking everybody. I have always had more hair than I have known what to do with. It is not silky or shiny and is hard to manage. I think I have tried just about everything too. I have had it lots of lengths and styles and tried many many many shampoos and hair products. I have never noticed much of a difference.  UNTIL THIS LAST WEEK. Last Wednesday, I started a quest to find natural products that promote hair growth.I have tried oils before but it always left my hair greasy after being washed rather than soft or silky. However,  I stumbled upon Argan oil, and thought I would try it out. Argan oil has recently become more popular, and is being integrated into a lot of hair products. I just used a few pumps of the oil and massaged my scalp while bent over. I then wrapped my hair up and washed my greasy locks the next morning. Maybe I am overreacting, but I can not get over what it did to my hair. My hair was/is shiny and soft.As someone who NEVER has this, shiny hair was exciting.  10/10 would use again.


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