kicking stress’ butt

Hey guyz,

I hope these past 2 weeks have been filled with celebrating our Savior, eating Christmas cookies, and laughing with your favorite people.Mine were great and flew by, and now I am faced with the fact that I AM GETTING MARRIED. Now, this is indeed an exceptionally exciting time, but I have also been battling with getting stresssd out. I know worrying does nothing, and that it is not a part of God’s plan for me, but for some reason it oh so tempting to fall into. It is easier to stress than trust Jesus. I need to break these toxic habits. Things I have been doing to encourage helpful and God honoring thoughts are:

  1. The Bible App. I am pretty sure just about every church attending person has this app, but it can be used other than when you forget your bible at home. You can simply hit play at the bottom of any passage to have it read alloud to you. At night it can be tempting to crawl into bed and start thinking about everything you have to do the next day, and that can quickly turn into not falling asleep for the better part of the night. When I find myself tossing and turning I simply hit play. Rather than thinking about everything I have to do, I can meditate on The Word. This stills my heart like nothing else. Also, actually getting a good night’s helpd destress the following day too.
  2. The Pslams. If you find yourself unsure of wear to turn, or want to really learn and meditate on scriptures that will help kick your stress’ butt way on out of town the Psalms are fantastic. So many times when we are worried and self focused it is because we feel that we are facing some huge giant issue no one else ever has. To read someone else crying out in fear, hurt, or shame is an incredible thing for unisolating our heavy hearts. It also helps put things in perspective. It is hard to continue obsessing over a pimple as you read a weary soul praying for their life. If you read just 5 a day in addition to your normal Bible study you can get through them all every month.
  3. Friends. Life is not meant to be lived alone, so pick out some good friends. Quit spending the bulk of your time with people who feed your anxiousness. While they are more rare, if you look, you can find people who will make hard times easier and heavy hearts a bit lighter with their encouraging words. With the right frands yucky tasks can almost become fun. I just moved all of my stuff into my future apartment. That is a potentially tedious task, but 8 other people went with me. I was blown away by their generosity and selfleasness. We moved everything in in 1 hour! It was truly humbling.

As you get ready to head back to classes this coming semester, or continue on at work, know that living a stressful life is an option you do not have to take.

lots of love,


Candace Cathrine


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