Pretty in Pink & Black & Blue

IMG_0148Hey y’all,

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration! Sunday is a prime chance to get extra girly, but that can be a bit intimidating if you normally keep it neutral and casual (me). I think I have found a balance between the two. Here, I am wearing a big black tulle skirt, which is pretty basic, but I paired it with a navy blue and pink floral shirt. Mixing navy blue and black used to be a fashion faux pas, but it turns our that black and navy blue is a killer and unexpected combination. It has an edgy vibe that compliments pastels and pinks wonderfully. If you want to girl it up, but all pink and fluff is not you, I definitly recommend you try this color combo. It is less “done” than pink and black too, and keeps you from feeling completely like a ballerina.  Also, keep your accessories simple. Plain black flats, a dainty Kendra Scott neclace, and pearl earrings all have an exceptionally classic vibe that look effortless yet pulled together. This is something you definitely want on a night out. So often I see BEAUTIFUL girls on special occassions that look uncomfortable, overdone, and stiff. I have definitely made those mistakes. This does not enhance your beauty or your evening though. Feeling unlike yourself, or like you cannot move is not a cute look. Avoid the temptation of overdoing your hair, makeup, or accessories on a special night. Hair should not crunch and makeup should draw attention to your features, not the makeup itself, and it may sound simple but wear shoes you can walk in.Finally, my favorite thing about this outfit is the Kate Spade sunglasses. These cat eye babies are so Old Hollywood. Classic with a touch of drama. They are a comfortable and an easy way to add pizzazz to any outfit. They instantly dress up jeans and a white t, or look perfectly in place with a swishy dress and heels.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is fantastic whether you rock sweats or pumps.I cannot help but notice the day gets some serious shade thrown on it (am I saying that right?). Honestly, I do not understand why. I have been single for all of my Valentine’s Day except for one! They have always been really fun days for me though, so statuses about being alone and complaints about annoying couples are sad to me. February 14th is a day that the Lord has made, so let’s rejoice and be glad in it. Whatever your relationship status, use Valentine’s as a day to be thankful for the people in your life that you love. Use it as a day to be a blessing to others and be surprised by what a blessing it is for you. Sermon over.


lots of love,

Candace Cathrine



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