In a Man’s World.

Hello all,

Let’s talk about feminism. This has become quite the word. Either it envokes pride with a touch of bitterness, or annoyance. In fact, I am nervous to write this. Personally, I believe that women are different than men, but equal in value. Yes, that is possible. If you are familiar with Christianity, think of Paul in 1st Corinthians 12. He is explaining the importance of different members in the church. He likens different gifts to different parts of a body. An ear can not (or rather should not) say to an eye that it does not need it, or that it is less important. While women are different than men, they are just as necessary and wonderful and valuable.  In other words, women are just as important and valid as men, but they do not have to become manly to obtain that value. Just as a mouth does not have to become nose-like to obtain value . However,  I can not help but feel that some branches of feminism are yelling “WE ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AND VALID AND COMPREHENSIVE AS MEN BECAUSE WE CAN BE A MAN JUST AS GOOD AS A MAN.” Nope.
We are just as important, necessary, and valuable as men,  as women.  A Dove commercial became popular not long ago called Always #LikeAGirl.

Personally, I believe this ad communicates that a  girl is valuable because she can run just as well as a man or likes science. This is saying that the women’s value is found in her ability to do or enjoy things that have traditionally been seen as manly. I am all for not underestimating women, for allowing them more career choices, and equal pay, but I am not for saying, “Look! We are just like you, hold us in great esteem!” How about society, men and women, learn to esteem things that are different than themselves?  Do not respect me because I can talk shop with you, respect me because I am a distinct human being, a woman, made in God’s image who has passions and dreams.Even if I find biology class boring, and I never played with the microscope and telescope my dad got me. Bless his heart he tried, but I was always obsessed with barbies, changing my clothes 20 times a day, playing office, and putting monopoly money and poker chips in my beaded pink purse. I danced around the house and I wore tutus. Purple was my favorite color, and I held my nose the entire time I went to a farm. I was a a very girly girl. No one ever told me that meant I could not be smart, or that I could not do anything worth doing. No one told me that meant I should stay home and make sandwiches. No one ever told me that being girly was something to be ashamed of. Guess what, it’s not. Being distinct from a man is something to celebrate. Particularly, where we live in a country where we can vote,  have civil rights, and enormous opportunities for careers, growth, and education.
One of my all time favorite quotes is found in the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, “You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it. If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.” I believe this 100%. The people who have done the most for feminism, are the women who have done the most for the world. Iconic women like Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, and Corrie Ten Boom all made a huge impact on this world, not by talking about how capable women are and how injust the world is, but by simply getting up and doing exactly what they were made to do. If you feel you are underestimated, get up and kick butt. There will always be ignorant people, and there will always be people against you. That is okay. You do not have to have everyone’s approval to be amazing. Be a feminist who supports being feminine.


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