Making the Most of Everyday


I hope your Monday is going great. To be honest, mine has been blah. So often I tell myself that I will start a project or goal on a Monday, only to find myself hopelessly unmotivated and distracted.Can I get a witness? Well, I have decided today is the day that that stops. I refuse to coast on, I refuse to sell myself short any longer. I do not believe most of us doubt our ability to achieve goals, rather we know we can, but that will require a major lifestyle change. A shift from the entertaining and comfortable into self-control and effort. Yuck. These are things that go against the American Dream. It would seem that America considers the end goal of life to be twofold; one, to retire someday with loads of financial security with hard work being the means to this end; two, to accomplish the first end while still affording the comforts and entertainments that serve as the gods of the modern American Dream.  Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that that is what a lot of people have bought into. Living life to the fullest is traded for living life in the most comfortable way. Believe it or not, you can not have both. Here are changes I am making in my life.

  1. Bye, Bye, mindless scrolling. My twitter, instagram, and facebook app have all been deleted. I am keeping my account, but when they are too convenient, I spend free time scrolling through posts rather than reading, learning a new skill, praying, working on a goal I have. It is a waste. I know people often take 30 day or week fasts from social media, and that is great, but I honestly, do not ever want to go back.
  2. Motivate Daily. One of my all time favorite quotes when it comes to working out is, “People say that motivation does not last, but neither does bathing. That is why we reccommend them daily.” Our minds are silly and fickle things. We must DAILY renew our minds. Otherwise, we do whatever feels good in the moment. I love in Psalms 119 where he talks about praising God seven times a day! I am getting myself a planner, and each day will have time set aside to look at my goals, pray, and read the Bible in addition to whatever tasks I have for that day. I love reading all of the benefits of exercise and learning about people’s health who work out versus those who do not. I also find it helpful to look at current job postings of jobs I am interested in. Seeing what employers are looking for helps me to stay motivated with where I am headed. For whatever your goal, big or small, learn what motivates you. Do that every. single. day.
  3. Plan. Write everything down. This is definitely an area I have been struggling in, but it is a lot harder to sluff things off when they are in ink then when they are shifting around in that fallible head of ours. It takes some of the emotion out of unwanted tasks. When you do not write something down you can easliy reason yourself out of it, but when you write it down, I think you will find it is
  4.   Get a uniform. Something I miss about highschool is the uniforms. Uniforms are a MAJOR time saver. Now, before you pull out the khakis, let me explain. Minimalist wardrobes are all about cutting out what you do not wear, and creating wardrobes filled with coesive outfits that will get maximum use. This saves a whole lot of time. The best articles I have seen on this are at Reading My Tea Leaves I whole heartedly reccommend you check out this site if you always feel you have clothes in your wardrobe that you soon end up hating, and nothing ever seems to go together.In my pictured outfit, you  can see some of the strides I have been taking toward a more minimalistic wardrobe. I have been cleansing things so that they all (mostly) are in the spectrum of colors that suit someone with winter coloring. I used to think dressing for your skintone was confining, but it turns out that when you do, all of the pieces in your wardrobe seem to go together with everything else. Outfits are much easier to come by these days. I also keep things simple with my usual jewelry: Kendra Scott Neclace, wedding ring and band, Michael Kors Watch, black flats, and a black leather purse WITH NEITHER SILVER OR GOLD HARDWARE, (Why is that so hard to come by?) and classic style Kate Spade sunglasses. Each of these pieces are unique, and I love them, but they also can all be worn every single day. To me, this is HUGE. I am able to dress up, polish, and finish every outfir without any extra effort. My t-shirt dress is something I have been seeking for years. Seriously. Every other t-shirt dress I have tried on was not good for the whole bending over or sitting down thing. H&M has blown my mind with dresses that extend past my fingertips. I picked up a couple because the T-shirt dress is an amazing thing. These bad boys are as comfortable as pajamas. They can be dressed way down with some Birks and a ponytail, or made suitable for a nicer occassion with flats and some more dramatic make up.  While my jacket is not a “good” color, it goes with EVERYTHING in my closet. I wear this Anorak much too often, and that is just fine by me. The key to all of these items is they can be worn for a number of occassions and function comes first in their design.
  5. Make the most of “insignificant” moments. Learn to carry a book with you always. This is nerdy as heck, but it helps to fill those times, like waiting for an appointment with something productive and fun instead of your phone. Get CDs, books on tape, etc. Time you spend driving does not have to be filled with commercials and same old songs you are tired of. Treat chyaself to a library card and the wonderful world of books on CD,  get all high tech with things like Audible .com, or learn a new language  while you drive. If that is too much for you, broaden your music horizons, listen to some classical music or use your daily commute as a time for some worship music (Notice: I did not say Contemporary Christian music).

These are all things that either I have or will be implementing into my life. We have a limited time, so let’s quit wasting it. Let’s set our goals and succeed, learn , grow, and live life to the fullest.


lots of love,


Candace Cathrine


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