5 Things I Wear Entirely too Much


This week I want to share with you, as you might have deduced, 5 things I wear too much. These are things that are so incredibly amazing, I just can’t get enough.


  1. Farmhouse Fresh Lotion. Oh my gosh. I have never really been a lotion person; my hands don’t get dry, and I could never seem to remember to apply it to my legs after shaving. This sweet, sweet nectar changed that. I look forward to applying it. It is one of the best smelling things.Ever. I am not overselling this, people.


  2. ColourPop’s Ultra Satins. I have already raved about ColourPop. Their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks stay on for dayz.The downside of that formula is it is DRY. Their Ultra Satins eradicates that issue, so in a word, it is perfect. The one pictured is London Fog. It is a beautiful cherry red that does not lose pigmentation or smear when eating. Something very important with red.


  3.  Loafers. These guys are great.They can be worn casually with jeans and a crisp white t, or professionally with black slacks and a crisp white button down . They make me feel more professional, and if you get a decent pair, they are a more supportive alternative to ballet flats.  Mine are Land’s End (not from this season), so I can’t speak for the current ones, but I am assuming they are similar.


4. Classic Jean Jacket. I was #blessed to find this Lucky Brand denim jacket at a thrift store, and it has served me amazingly well ever since.While you can buy one new, this is a fantastic item to thrift. Jean jackets are not likely to show wear, and if they do, fraying and holes probably aren’t ruining the look of it.What is nice is you can wear them with ANYTHING. Although, if you feel overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of outfits, start off slow by paring one with some black denim jeans.

5.Calvin Klein Leggings. These are awesome leggings for summer. They are 90% cotton, but very thick! They are super comfy and are a perfect capri length. Enough said. Mine are sold out, but good old Amazon comes to the rescue with a similar pair.

So those are  the 5 items I like a little too much. Hope this helps ya out.

lots of love,


Candace Cathrine



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