This Working Out Thing

One of my favorite SpongeBob quotes (and there are many) is, “This working out thing just isn’t working out.” I think we can all relate to it, unless you are one of those freaks that likes sweating and hurting everywhere.

When I am working out, I really do enjoy it post workout. When I get into a good routine, it is no big deal to work out every day. However, it is so hard for me to get into a good routine. I’m assuming I am not the only one, so here are a few tips I have that help me get off my butt and improve my physical and mental health consistently.

  1. Have a plan. I have noticed, I am less likely to workout if I don’t have a very specific idea of what the workout will entail. Planning on just going to the workout room and hoping for the best, just does not work for me. I must have a battle plan.It is a lot easier to talk yourself out of a vague notion than a specific idea.
  2. Know what makes you sore. You need to have go-to exercises that you know get you sweaty and leave you sore the next day. Why? Because you will actually feel like you did something. When you are sore after exercising you think, “HECK YEAH! I’M FREAKING AMAZING, I BET I COULD MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPICS.”  Some exercises are really hard for us while we are doing them but the next day we feel nothing, and it feels like, “umm ok that did nothing, i died for nothing, nvr doing that again lol.” Always throw something into your routine that you know you will feel, because when it comes to doing hard things, we tend to foolishly rely on our feelings. Use that to your advantage.
  3. Wear clothes you like. Okay, I am not about to tell you have to spend any amount of money on work out gear. All I know is nobody likes feeling ugly. If we associate working out with our slobbiest clothes and standing around 50 people who are in better shape than us, we probably will dread it even more. Personally, I really like Gianni Bini’s athletic wear. It is unique and fun, and I look forward to wearing it.
  4. Start off small. The amazing thing about exercise is the more you do it, the easier it becomes, unlike applying winged eyeliner. That means start off with a manageable routine, because you will outgrow it. Just give it time! Do not start off with things too long or too hard. Once again, you will dread working out. Something I suggest is this Ballet Beautiful Workout. It is only 15 minutes! Despite its short time frame, it makes you sweat, and leaves you sore. Plus, it supposed to help improve posture.

Welll, I think that’s all I got. I hope this helps. I really am such a fan of exercising. It does amazing things for your mental well-being (and physical obviously) , and that is something I want for everybody!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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