Good Days vs. Bad Days

Happy Friday!

Making it to today in the work week is a goal I think a lot of us set for ourselves each and every week. Living for the weekend is something I know I am all too familiar with. I have been wrestling with how to change that. I know I am supposed to take life one day at a time, but that easily and often turns into me telling myself to , “Just make it through today.” That is hardly the mindset of someone who is thankful for the days they have.  How do I go about cherishing each day as a gift from God? This past week I caught myself doing something that caught me off guard, but I think it gave me some insight into this question. I was in traffic trying to get onto the highway and I prayed, “Ugh, Lord. Help me get over; let today be a good day.” Now, there is nothing wrong with me asking for God’s help on the highway, but the fact that I equated a good day with things going exactly my way scared me. How sad! A good day to me/us should be a day that we grew closer in our walk with Christ, we were challenged, stretched, accomplished or got closer to goals, and grown out of our normal comfort zone.That is a good day. If we are living our life for the easiest days, then we we will live to be lazy, live for the weekend, and become frustrated anytime we have struggles and issues, and that is no way to live.The things that are worth doing are going to be hard, and that includes the mundane exhausting work days. I pray that I learn see each day as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle. As I begin to shift my definition of a “good day,” I have a feeling life will become more fufilling and fun.
I hope this was a helpful reminder. Here is to living large, even on a Tuesday!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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