Beauty: Repurchase or Return?


Through these past few weeks I have been trying a few new (to me) beauty products, so I thought I would share what I would totally purchase again, and what fell short of the promises listed.

I tried a Dr.Jart+ mask for the first time. I am always looking for ways to minimize my pores and cleanse black heads. I thought this looked promising, but unfortunately I would rate it about a 3/10. This mask left my skin feeling nice, but it in no way minimized my pores. Another downside was it did not fit my face like I would have preferred, and it seemed to slip and slide a bit.
I decided to splurge a bit  on the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme after doing some research on the best lip plumpers. I am glad I did! I wear this basically everyday I wear makeup. The lipgloss is not too tacky feeling, and it really seems to plump my lips. 9/10!
So I tried this bad boy because I was looking for a cheaper alternative for the Too Faced one. Let me just say while I love Alba Botanica, their Fast Fix for This Lips is not it.. It is a decent moisturizer, but it in no way plumped my lips. 3/10.
Guys, this stuff is what dreams are made of. Before I had used this, I believed that all mascaras were basically the same, some were just clumpier than others. IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara changed that for me. It really does save the day, and I give it a definite 9/10. The only reason I am withholding the final point is I believe it could be a bit more volumizing.
I am not a big blush person generally, but this Stila Custom Color Blush was too pretty to pass up at Marshalls for less than half of the original price. This is very pigmented, but easy to blend, a trait that is quite important to me.It is supposed to self adjust for your skin tone, and it did just that for me. 10/10!
Okay, so I realllly wanted to like this. I would love an alternative to the razor for my underarms. My armpits tend to get irritated when I shave them. Unfortunately, the Nair did remove the hair, but it left stubble (super cute) and left my armpits slightly stinging. The discomfort would have been worth it if it worked, but it did not, so I give it a 1/10. Basically, I think this would work for you if you have very light and thin hair.

That’s it! Hope this helps with some decision making for y’all!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine




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