21 Day Makeup Challenge

Hey guys,

I found a fun 21 Day Makeup Challenge, and I thought I would do it; not because I am fantastic at makeup, but because I am pretty dang average. So many times I feel like makeup tutorials are only helpful if you are a skilled makeup artist. I thought this would be a good way to showcase makeup looks that the average gal can do, some easy to use makeup products, and the easiest to follow makeup tutorials!

Day 1- Cat Eye
Today’s look is the Cat Eye, so first let’s talk about the difference between a cat eye and winged liner. A cat eye is more dramatic than a classic wing. A cat eye’s line strictly goes horizontal rather than “winging” up like winged liner; the straight line  on top then connects to the under eye liner. Below you can see Ms.Audrey rocking a cat eye on the left and a simple wing on the right.

I have never been the best at eyeliner. There are plenty of tutorials out there, but they never helped me at all. However, Kandee Johnson just posted the best tutorial on wing eyeliner ever! You can use the principals from this tutorial for basically any eyeliner look every.single.day.

For this look I used the Jordana FabuLiner in 01 Black, which at Walgreens is $2 (online it is more expensive) !

I hope this inspires you guys to get creative with your makeup. Remeber it’s ok to do things we aren’t good at, just because we enjoy them!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine



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