Color blocking, and Where to Get Beauty Inspiration

Good evening!

Today’s makeup challenge was color blocking! Color blocking is using 3 or more colors, usually in bright or bold colors. I strayed a little from the bright because we just had the neon category for the challenge.

On my lids is the icy blue shade Louvre by Cargo, but a beautiful option that is available is Sugar by Colourpop. My crease is the army green Versailles, but Spellbound by NYX is very similar! Finally, I lined under my eye with Cargo’s Bastille , but you should try  Galactic, again by NYX. I tried to keep each color very distinct, and did little blending between Louvre and Versailles, but blended the outside of Versailles. This technique helped ‘block’ the colors, but kept things from looking amateurish. Because my eyes are so much more extreme than I am used to, I used an exceptional neutral lipstick, Faux, by MAC. I believe I at least somewhat created a classic look with an unconventional style, but I was hardpressed to find a similar look with Audrey Hepburn.

I did keep thinking of her sleep mask in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as I was deciding what color scheme to use though! I also used Makeup Geek’s site for inspiration. Makeup Geek has sections labeled Idea Gallery, Tutorials, and Education. This is a great place to go when you are in need of inspiration for an event or need help with technique. This website is a wealth of information, and you should probably check it out.

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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