Smoke and Tears

Good Evening!

I hope Monday was just great for you. Today’s challenge is Smokey Eye with a Twist! I definitely feel out of my league when it comes to smokey eyes; I always manage to look like a crazy raccoon! However, the youtuber Amanda Ensing has a channel full of tutorials, so I thought I would check some of her looks out. She has a beautiful tutorial for a smokey gray and champagne look. This tutorial is relatively easy to follow and her comments are helpful and informative.

I followed her step by step, but substituted her products for the shades and makeup I have and/or prefer. I also did not use false lashes.

You can definitely tell that I chose a softer palette, and I am pleased with the result. While I did not follow her colors and product suggestions, I did follow when to use a lighter color versus and darker and where to use them. I also followed what type of brushes to use. I would say she is about an 8/10 in terms of ease of following and content. Check her out for lots of beautiful glam looks and product suggestions!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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