We interrupt this program…with Brushes!

Hey guys!

I have decided not to do day 9 of the 21 Day Challenge. Today’s challenge is to use an all coral look. I own absolutely nothing coral. I do not like the color. I will be back with the Makeup Challenge tomorrow. Today, I thought I would go over the purpose of different brushes instead because I was just gifted( by my beautiful sister) 2 sets of bh cosmetics brushes! BH Cosmetics are affordable but nice quality.

Brush 1- Is a large contour brush. Something like this is perfect for bronzing your forhead (or in my opinion blush as well)
Brush 2- Is great for buffing the face. I love to use it with my pressed powder.
Brush 3- Is made specifically for blush.
Brush 4- Is perfect for contouring! I use it for my bronzer. It is relatively thin so it works for your nose, and a very precise line under the cheeks.
Brush 5- A foundation brush. It is very similar to brush 6, but is larger.
Brush 6- Made for concealor. it is small, slightly pointed, and thin, making it perfect for you undereyes.
Brush 7- For blending your eyeshadow shades.
Brush 8-Just for applying eyeshadow.
Brush 9- The tapered blending brush. Tapered blending bruses are going to apply more pigment in an area than brush 7.
Brush 10- Great for contouring the eyes as well as blending.
Brush 11- Can be used for blending, but it going to really help apply very precise shadow looks.
Brush 12- Perfect to use with gel liner or even for your eyebrows!

That completes all of the brushes from the Studded Couture Set. Next, let’s look at some from The Sculpt and Blend Set.



Brush 113- A traditional powder brush.
Brush 114- Perfect for blending your contour.
Brush 115- A self proclaimed contour brush, and I particularly like it for my highlight.
Brush 116- A blending brush as well. I usually use 116 and 114 for a seamless look.
Brush 117- A contouring brush that is perfect for blush!
Brush 118- A face brush believe it or not! It is for those tiny little details you need to contour like the highlight on your nose or cupid’s bow.
Brush 119- Is meant for precise blending.
Brush 120- Is meant for blending small things, like concealor.
Brush 121- Is basically Brush 120, but is angled, so it does the same job in angled spots like over your eyebrows or under your eyes.
Brush 122- Is meant for contouring precise little things like your inner eye corner, or a detailed nose contour.

Helps this take out some of the mystery of brushes for you!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine



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