Double Duty

Good Afternoon!

We are back on the 21 Day Makeup Challenge, and today’s challenge is double eyeliner. Personally, I really like the look of of double eyeliner. It is different from the usual, but something you can totally get away with wearing out in normal everyday life. I recently came across a bunch of Stila colored liquid liners for more than half off, but I resisted the urge to purchase one (or two) because I did not think I would wear them much. I was sort of regretting my decision because some of the colors were just too pretty! However, when I got home I found a creative solution that made me glad I had passed.

The two colors I had been wanting to purchase were a hot pink and a burgundy. In my makeup bag I have both hot pink and burgundy lip liners, and that got me to thinking! Why not try out the lip liner on my eyes? I am really pleased, and surprised with the result!

I used the Milani Sugar Plum Liner. The application was easy peasy. I simply smoothed the lines with a tiny angled brush, and that was it! Using colored lipliners as fun pops for my eyes will definitely be something that I will do again.

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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