New Domain and Lots of White and Gold!

Hey guys,

Tonight’s challenge is using one color for eyes, lips, and blush. I thought doing a pink would be too easy, and I was inspired by a City Color Cosmetics eye “mousse” in the shade white gold. This stuff has such a unique fluffy texture I thought it would be perfect for multi purposing, and the color is so unique for lips! My final result ended up reminding me of the youtube tag this past summer of “Full Face of Makeup with Only Highlighters.” lol yikes.


I basically did a toned down version of that challenge .

Can you tell I was feeling all artsy and did that thing where they leave your eyes really undone?

Not sure how I feel about it, but I do think it helps balance a more extreme look. What is really cool about this product though is obviously the fact that it can be used as a highlight for your cheeks or your brow bone, but also the fact  that you can use it as a pimer if you want to add extra shimmer and pizzazz to other eyeshadows. You can even use this whip on the center of your lipstick to create a whole different type of look. Overall, I am impressed with this eye”shadow.” This is the only City Color product I have used, but I would say it is somewhat suitable for a novice makeup user like myself. It isn’t too expensive, I love the glow it gave my cheeks, and it is easy to use.

Today’s challenge ended up being kind of silly, but I have some more business like news. Keep an eye out because in the near future (hopefully this weekend??) my domain will be changing to – yay! People much smarter than me are working on transferring everything, but just in case something goes wrong…keep this in mind!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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