Making Shopping Stress Free: What to Wear

Hey guys!

With that super long intro out-of-the-way, I now want to get to making shopping less stressful. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, hands down. I know many people though experience trepidation at the mention of the “task”, and I totally get it. Clothes often don’t fit, finding things you even like can be a struggle, and stores can be crazy overwhelming. Because of this, I want to start a little series where I share with you my tips to make shopping less stressful, and a more successful time for you! Today, I want to share with you what to wear when shopping.

It matters what you wear. Trust me. If you are going on the hunt for a clothing article, you absolutely must be wearing something that is easy to take on and off. Nobody, and I mean nobody likes to go to the fitting room, but wearing something that is not a hassle makes it so much better. When you are out shopping you are going to see people lookin’ super cute. Don’t let that get to you. You can work your way up to that 😉 You need to wear something that is cozy and preferably stretchy if you dread shopping.

My ideal shopping attire is…
1. My hair down and blow dried/flat ironed. Ponytails easily get messed up as you slide clothing over your head. Also, if your hair looks nice and polished you probably won’t mind looking in mirrors constantly.

2. No foundation, mascara and eyebrows done only. If you are wearing foundation you will be tempted to skip trying on that white dress, that you totally should try on! If your mascara and eyebrows are done though, you won’t look too, “I just rolled out of bed.”

3. Neutral undergarments. Wear skin tone garments. If you are wearing a dark color bra or underwear, you won’t know if you can see them through the garment because they are dark, or because the item is see through! Sports bras also are a no go.

4. Stretchy Pants. Don’t you dare wear skinny jeans. Wear a bottom that is going to slide on and off. Those tear away pants are also acceptable. Personally, I love me some leggings.

5. Slide on Shoes. You do not want to have to untie and tie your shoes every time you want to try on a pair of pants or shoes. Slides, flip-flops, vans. Take your pick. No Nikes.

6. Carry a Purse. There have been times where I thought I was saving myself trouble by just carrying a wallet. I regretted it the entire time! You do not want to have to carry something the whole time. You need both hands to look through the racks, push a cart, or carry your picks.

As far as a top goes, I like an oversized T, but I’m flexible on that 🙂

If you follow these guidelines to go shopping, you will already be cutting out a lot of work and stress! Stay tuned for more stress-free shopping tips!

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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