Making Shopping Stress Free: Before You Go


Today’s post is the second part of the “Making Shopping Stree Free” mini-series. We are going to cover the preparation you need to make before you even set foot in a store. This may seem like it makes shopping more stressful, but if you constantly find yourself immediately walking out of stores in stess, this will help!

I am going to use the store H&M as an example. H&M used to be unshoppable to me. I always wanted to go in, but when I started trying to comb through the wracks, I would get too overwhelmed. Their organizational system makes NO sense to me. I always left quickly, and disappointed. For a while, I simply tried to avoid the store. This method of “problem solving” kinda stinks though. Here is what I have implemented that allows me to face stressful stores.

1. Online Shop First. Now, I am not an online shopper. I need to touch and try-on all clothing before purchasing, but I still utilize stores’ websites. H&M has a lot of products, so I peruse their online store before hitting up the actual store. I screenshot any and all items I am interested in. This easy task does several things.
A. It tells me if I should even go to the store. If you don’t see anything you like online, you don’t need to go. However, if you have found some items you are interested in, it then helps with…
     B. Getting you focused. Knowing what specific items you are looking for makes a big store less overwhelming. You can even show the pictures you’ve screenshotted to an associate, and they should be able to help you find them. How easy is that?

Honestly, just this one thing makes a huge difference, but there is one other thing I like to keep in mind before I shop, and that is

2. Knowing When to Shop. If shopping stresses you out, please do not go shopping on a weekend. Going on a Tuesday night is infinitely better than a Saturday morning. I instantly get crankier if there are a bunch of people bumping into me and loud noise levels. That is definitely something I should work on, but if shopping is already a chore to you, you do not need to add this to the activity.

If you are dressed to shop, have an idea of what a store has to offer, and go at the right time, you are now ready to shop! These are truly easy ways to make shopping a productive and enjoyable time.

lots of love,

Candace Cathrine


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